A message fron the President of Matter U...

The mission of Matter U is to increase students', parents' and community members' knowledge about the importance of mental health; and the role it plays in a persons academic, career, and personal/social development in the present and future. 
After visiting Matter U, I hope that you will have increased your knowledge in an academic and career aspect; as well as understand how to be involved within the school while promoting positive social and emotional development.   

Our Goals...

About Me...

I am a counseling student at Lamar University with a Bachelors of Education degree (2007) from Texas A&M- Corpus Christi.  My goal is to become a certified school counselor.


Currently, I am a graduate student in the counseling program and I am gaining and sharpening my skills and techniques in counseling through field experience.  Personality qualities that I possess are open minded, honest, realistic but understanding, non-judgmental, and personal.  I realize that as a counselor I am not available to solve client’s problems but to help them develop strategies to approach their problems differently when presented with them.

The best way to contact me is via email or phone:


361-526-5400 ext. 3009